You are invited to Fermentation Academy Online Program!


Program date: 8 June 2023

Program time: 10.00-17.15

Course language: Turkish

Fermentation Academy brings together the best scientists and leading companies of the sector on the same platform to talk about the current status of fermentation technology, which is important in the food and beverage industry, its place in production and its role in innovation. The Academy is designed to understand the benefits of fermentation in terms of nutrition, sustainability, innovation, cultural heritage and consumer interest, foster research collaboration in the field of fermentation, and support personal and professional development.
Fermentation Academy is open to the participation of relevant lecturers, industry employees and students. Participants will gain an overview of the current state of fermentation technology and its future location, with both an academic and a sectoral approach. The content of the Fermentation Academy will focus on the following themes.
• Lactic Acid Fermentation
• Alcohol Fermentation
• Acetic Acid Fermentation
• Fermentation in Cell and Protein Production


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